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‘Tis the latest renaissance of the saxophone ladies and gents. From the bestial blasts of M83 to the titter tat of whatever Bon Iver is doing, the time has come: the sax’s reprieve. These two devils, working with a click track and a sword to sharpen are the living automatons of this promise. Now go funk yourselves and be easy on the songs containing lyrics.

It's getting cold out there and can only mean one thing - it's time to start heating up your whiskey.  Here's a simple, foolproof recipe for some strong Hot Toddies to get you through the cold winter months...

The first song off XX's self-titled debut album, this song is called, cleverly, "Intro."  Highly recommended for use as an alarm clock jam - comes in softly but by the end you're ready to takeover the world...or at least conquer the day.  This is one of those albums that you can listen to all the way through, and then start it right back over.  Check 'em out. 
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Really mature songwriting from last year's self-titled sophomore effort by Caveman. It just so happens these guys are stopping by one of our fave venues in Philly tonight! Whose goin?

For the Inaugural "RF Throwback Jam of the Day," we're dropping "Lay Low" by My Morning Jacket on ya.  For those who aren't familiar with the Kentucky Quintet, these guys are stone cold shredders.  This jam in particular, helped some of the RF boys power through a long and grim six months in 2009 during a Money-Pit-esque renovation of our West Chester, PA compound - affectionately referred to as "The Dust Factory."
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The Huffington Post sheds some light on the "Hottest Trend in the Nation."  Catch the article here.
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A few friends of the Cartel recently took an adventurous trip up to New Hampshire to scale the 4698 feet of rock known as Mount Bond.  In an effort to ensure their health and well-being along the journey (along with shameless advertising plugs) we packed their satchels full with a few pounds of Victorious B.I.G. and Che-Potle Guevara.  Aside from a minor graze wound...
This age-old question has come up several times amongst the cartel members and  ironically , it's usually after we've had a couple drinks and we typically emerge from the discussion angry, confused, and undeniably  stupider  than when we began.  If you and your friends...

There's not much you can say about this, you just need to watch.  Danny Macaskill is just the purest form of badass one could possibly fathom.  He really sets the tone early by stepping, fully shoed, into the ice cold waters of northern Scotland without batting an eyelid.  How this is even possible, we may never know.  But one thing is for certain, this guy must have a shitload of RF packed in his trou.

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We're happy to report that Philly FoodWorks is now trafficking jerky for the Cartel - and for a limited time, they are offering 2 free bags of jerky with a sign-up for their Philly based Farm Share.  Below is all the information you need to come to the realization that you need Philly Food Works in your life...
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This entire song is awesome but this dude just starts absolutely killing it at about 4:00....straight from his mama's living room.  
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A little diddy called "Ocean" by theJohn Butler.  If this song doesn't get you going, there's something wrong witcha. 

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