Eradicating the growler civilization as we know it as it would enable you to stop by your local brewpub, fill up your Synek beer cartridge and then take it home and put it on tap, where it stays fresh for weeks - as opposed to taking home a growler where one essentially inherits a ticking-time bomb of beer and has to make the gut wrenching decision between A) drinking the entire growler of 10% ABV beer and embarrassing his/her entire family or B) letting a perfectly good 10% beer slowly lose all its carbonation over night as it withers away in the refrigerator due to your new found self-awareness of your drinking problem that "you're working on."
In other news, a few of the righteous boys will be hopping in a brokedown pickup/airbus A330 to head westward into the great unknown...and jerkin' everything in their path.  We'll be making sure all the Phish heads in Denver have an adequate supply of jerky gooballs before heading north to Yellowstone, hanging a left over to San Fran, working our down to  Firestone Walker in Paso Robles, Jerkin' the stars in LA,

Throwback Summer 2012 Jamborooski..RAC - Hollywood

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This recent article that was featured on Gizmodo shows a video of some of the world's biggest badasses keeping it straight Righteous out in Panama City, watch the video for a shot of life...
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Victory Brewing Co expands it's product offering into craft foods like Hot Sauce, Pickles, Ice Cream, Cheese Dips, and of course, Imperial Jerky...Catch the full article here...
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Ever wonder how the cartel manages to acquire some of the world's most jaw-dropping jerky photos the world has ever seen?  Well wonder no longer, RF's secret weapon, "Flash"
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Craig Laban of The Philadelphia Inquirer recently published an article on the craft distilling game that's boiling up in the City of Brotherly Love.   Awesome to hear that we'll soon have as many choices of local, small batch spirits as we do for craft beer!  One wild fact the article highlights is number of distilleries in PA today vs. 1920, prior to prohibition.
We got the opportunity of a lifetime to team up with our hometown craft brewery, Victory, to create what we believe future historians will call - The Gastro-Collab of the Millennium.... Victorious B.I.G - Beer Infused Gastronomy.  An Imperial Jerky infused with Victory's Storm King Imperial Stout.

Bill sits down with Grid Magazine to talk about the humble beginnings of RF, impromptu trips to Thailand, and the adrenalin rush of wearing ties and hoodies simultaneously...  


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Not since a bolt of lightning melted the cheese on Ben Franklin's steak and cheese sandwich has Philadelphia seen a meat revolution the likes of this. 

February and March were big months in the Jerky game and a lot of new pushers joined the RF Cartel.  In the Philly Territory, the following flavor purveyor's are now pushing the RF....
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Righteous Felon is pleased to announce that our first Philly distributor is The Foodery, located in Northern Liberties on the corner of 2nd and Poplar... 

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