Savory Bundle

Mix'n'Match flavors to get a lower price

Hustling takes a spectrum of flavor. A pinch of black truffle here, a glug of bourbon there. Presenting the RF Savory Bundle: 4 bags of rich, relishing jerky and 2 tangy sticks thrown in for good measure. BIG, Franklin, OG, Truffle-O: This coterie of criminals should file for parole 'cause they're on the sweeter side. Because savory suspects are a joint operation. 

Bundle Contains:

1 x Bag of O.G. Hickory

1 x Bag of Victorious B.I.G.

1 x Bag of Bourbon Franklin

1 x Bag of Truffle-O Soldier

1 x Hickory Toob

1 x BBQ Toob 


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