The Motherlode


Most people travel through life never experiencing the shear bliss of hitting the Motherlode. Frequent Motherloders often find it hard to describe exactly what it feels like whilst striking a Motherlode, though they all agree, "when you hit the Motherlode, you'll know."   This Holiday season, we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to hit the Motherlode themselves, or give the gift of a Motherlode to someone close to them who has, up until this point, gone Motherlodeless through life.  Without further ado, here are the details of this years Motherlode:

- 12 Bags of Jerky - 2 each of OG Hickory, Che-Potle, Victorious B.I.G., Baby Blues BBQ, Halo Diablo, Habanero Escobar (12 total bags)

- 6 Toobs - 2 each of OG Hickory, Chipotle, and Habanero (almost 4 linear feet of Toob!)

-1 Hat of your choosing - Maroon Beanie, Navy Beanie, or Gray Wool Snapback.

- 5 Bottles of Hank Sauce - 1 Bottle each of Hank Sauce - Herb Infused, Cilanktro, Camouflage, Hank's Heat, AND........ Honey Habanero - Hot and Sweet.  You're probably asking yourself, "Wait a minute, Honey Habanero isn't even available on did Righteous Felon get it?"  They don't call us 'Righteous Felon' for nothing.  This Honey Habanero is a rare find...not exactly street legal, if you know what I mean. COP THIS EARLY.

- 1 RF Stashbox - handmade by the RF team, good for storing meats, ticket stubs, important documents, handwritten notes from you pen pal Steve, Willy Wonka products, leather bound books, old expired coupons and other paraphernalia that you hold dear. 

Happy Holidays from the RF Boys...

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