Voodoo Chile Sauce & Jerk Combo


A spicy bundle of Voodoo Chile Jerky and Voodoo Chile Sauce.  

Sauce:  Use the drop down menu to select either the "Fever Dream" sauce which features Flying Dog Brewery's Mango Habanero IPA or the Bloodline Sauce made with Flying Dog Brewery's Blood Orange IPA.   

Jerky:  Use the drop down to select how many packets you'd like of an our collaboration jerky with Voodoo Chile Hot Sauces straight outa Leesburg, VA.  This jerky features the worlds hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper.  Carolina Reaper clocks in at ~2 Million Scoville Units, roughly 6X as spicy as your everyday Habanero peppers.  Fortunately for you, we use only a pinch of this exotic pepper, so you get the full flavor profile of this rare gem, without incinerating your taste buds (and fourtunate for us as well, as this pepper runs over $200/lb!).   In addition to the Carolina Reaper, we've added a hefty dose of toasted garlic and brown sugar to round out this roller-coaster of a flavor experience. 

Warning: This jerky is HOT.  If you're not into spice, this jerky is not for you.  If you do like spice, this is the best jerky, or piece of food, you will ever have.

Let your hair down a little bit and bump up to an 8ct for some real savings ($6.50 a bag + Free Shipping).  

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