Holiday Humdinger - Maroon

It's not very often a humdinger of a holiday gift pack like this comes around.  When it does, you don't wanna be that guy/gal that missed it.  You wanna be that guy/gal who can tell their grand kids 40 years from now that you were there for the Great Jerky Humdinger of '16.

Anywhoo, this  humdinger of a humdinger that you're currently feasting your eyes on features all six of the RF Jerky flavors, along with all three of our brand new Meat Toobs.  Just in case the Habanero Jerk and Toobs aren't hot enough for ya, we're also throwing in a maroon RF beanie with a bottle of Hank Sauce's legendary Hot Sauce - you pick the flavor.  And just in case you don't know what a Meat Toob is, it's a Snack Stick, but way cooler. 

This Humdinger includes the following:

- 7 Bags of Jerky - 1 each of OG Hickory, Che-Potle, Victorious B.I.G., Baby Blues BBQ, Voodoo Chile, Habanero Escobar, Truffle (7 total bags)

- 3 Toobs - 1 each of OG Hickory, Chipotle, and Habanero (almost 2 linear feet of Toob!)

-1 Maroon Beanie with the RF logo embroidered front and center so Ol' Man Winter knows you're not to be F'ed with this year.  This year will be different.

- 1 Bottle of Hank Sauce - Herb Infused, Cilanktro, Camouflage, Hank's Heat, OR........ Honey Habanero - Hot and Sweet.  You're probably asking yourself, "Wait a minute, Honey Habanero isn't even available on did Righteous Felon get it?"  They don't call us 'Righteous Felon' for nothing.  This Honey Habanero is a rare find...not exactly street legal, if you know what I mean. COP THIS EARLY.


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