Old Faithful Subscription

In today's hectic and fast paced world, there's few things as valuable as good, old fashioned reliability - someone or something you can count on. 

- An old trusty hammer
- A slice of room temperature cheese
- The small of a woman's back
- A black lab with a red bandana around its neck
- A Tom Petty's Greatest Hits album on CD
- A geothermal geyser, residing on the world’s largest active volcano that pulls tens of thousands of gallons of boiling water from the depths of the Earth’s core up 185ft into the sky every 20-30 minutes, on the dot, everyday, for the last 250 million years.
- And now:

A jerky subscription, delivered to your door step, with a random collection of 4 bags of savory, sweet, and mildly spiced jerkys from RF's private stash.  The ideal subscription for anyone looking for a piece of meat they can set their clock to.

The package will feature 4 random packages of RF's mildest jerky varietals, which include:

O.G. Hickory (Smoky & Savory, RF's take on classic jerky)

Victorious B.I.G. (Sweet & Peppery, infused with Victory Brewing Co. Storm King Stout)

Che-Potle Guevara (Mild Chipotle),

Baby Blues Sweet Kick BBQ (Mild BBQ with a kick).

The Package will ALWAYS contain any new flavors that we launch that fit the Savory, Sweet, Mild flavor profile. 

Note: If you actually figure out how to set your clock to a bag of jerky, please call us.  

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