RF Stashbox

Wooden Stashbox with the RF brand seared into the removable top.  Handmade by the RF team.  Perfect for storing meats, ticket stubs, important documents, video tapes that you need to return, flora from your skiing trip to Colorado, leather bound books, old expired coupons that serve no purpose but you'll be damned if they ever get thrown out and other paraphernalia that you hold dear.

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Happy Holidays from the RF Boys. 

Dimensions:  9"L  x 10"W x 4"H

Note: these babies are handmade and each one is a little different.  Some have a knot here or there, others do not.  Some were burnt a little bit more than others with the RF brand.  They're made with rough cut wood and have imperfections and character.  These are not finely finished jewelry boxes.  If you're looking for a finely finished jewelry box, this is not the correct box for you.  

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