Righteous Sampler Jerky & Toobs (11-Pack)


Righteous Felon's 8 Jerky Flavors + 3 Meat Sticks (19oz Total)

2oz Craft Jerky Bags

  • OG Hickory - Smoky & Savory
  • Habanero Escobar - Spicy Habanero & Cayenne
  • Victorious BIG - Beer Infused Meat that's Peppery & Sweet
  • Baby Blues BBQ - Sweet & Spicy BBQ
  • Voodoo Chile - Spicy Carolina Reaper & Toasted Garlic
  • Truffle-O Soldier - Savory with real Black Truffles
  • Bourbon Franklin - Bourbon & Vanilla Bean OR Fowl Capone Turkey Jerky
  • Maryland Monroe - Hickory Smoked with Chesapeake Crab Spice Seasoning

1oz Beef & Pork Toobs (Sticks)

  • Hickory - Smoky & Savory
  • BBQ - Sweet & Tangy
  • Habanero - Spicy and Smoky

 *In some cases, Righteous Felon may opt to replace 2oz bags with 2 x 1oz Bags. Same amount of jerky, just more packages.However, we may not accommodate requests for 1 ounces in place of 2 ounces*

***HOLIDAY UPDATE:  Due to disrupted supply chains, minor flavor/product substitutions may be made at Righteous Felon's discretion. Substitutions will always be of equal or greater value, and will provide the most variety we have available to meet the holiday deadline.****


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