Pepper Head Subscription

Alas - a jerky subscription for the bold. Although it's been tribal knowledge for thousands of years, a group of independent scientists recently completed a 20 year study to dive into the question we've all been asking ourselves - "Why are pepper heads generally better human beings than than their non-spicy counterparts?"  The gaggle of scientists were holed up in a flavor research facility deep underground Svalbard, Norway.  While their research was conclusive in determining that Pepper Heads are, in fact, you know, better than everybody else, the verdict is still out as to whether Pepper Heads are innately smarter and better from the time of birth and therefore seek out spicier foods instinctively, OR if it is the consumption of spicy food itself that actually propels these regular, everyday individuals into highly functioning, ultra-charismatic, super-humans. Since no one really cares enough to wait around for them to figure out this  'chicken and the egg', 'nature vs. nurture' conundrum - we decided to go ahead and create a jerky package that caters to ALL Pepper Heads - be them instinctual heat seekers, or everyday people aspiring to some day take over the world, one scoville at a time.  

Without further ado, we bring you a  highly combustible, dangerously delicious, spicy jerky package that's delivered to your door step, monthly, without you so much as lifting a finger.  

The package will feature a random 4-peice ensemble of RF's spiciest varietals, which include:

Che-Potle Guevara (Mild Chipotle),

Halo Diablo (Garlic Habanero),

Habanero Escobar (Habanero & Cayenne)

Baby Blues BBQ (Habaneros and Serranos(Mild BBQ with a kick).


Remember:  Flavor Favors The Bold

Type: Unknown Type

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