Fake Press

“Unbelievable handling, and best in its class flavor. We ate the entire package. Even the bag.” - Car and Driver

“Who let you in here?” - Ladies Home Journal

“We have always been non-believers. And still are. This is good jerky though.” - Modern Atheist

“We haven’t stopped eating this Righteous Felon beef jerky. And don’t plan to.” - Cat Fancy

“I’m reminded of the fleeting romance I shared with a captivating woman from Burma. Her farmer Father propositioned me with her hand in marriage, and included a smoked, spiced goat meat with an aroma very similar to this piece of OG Hickory as part of the dowry. He only required of me a few pairs of seersucker slacks, size 40/28, and an urban knapsack made of the finest Brazilian calf leather. Her name was Reeta. Or was it Jang? Quite honestly I don’t remember.”- J Peterman

"Righteous what? Huh? Never heard of it." - Fortune Magazine

"Righteous Felon Jerky...What a time to be alive." - Vegan Weekly



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