Righteous Hike up Mount Bond, NH

A few friends of the Cartel recently took an adventurous trip to New Hampshire to scale 4,698 feet of rock known as Mount Bond.  In an effort to ensure their health and well-being along the journey (along with and opportunity for shameless advertising plugs), we packed their satchels full with a few pounds of Victorious B.I.G. and Che-Potle Guevara.  Aside from a minor graze wound to Trav's trigger finger, the mountaineers returned not only in good health, but with a backpack full of awesome photos.   Here's a few of them, you can see the rest at www.travismease.com - along with some of Trav's other awesome work (some of which includes prior RF propaganda).

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  • Ned Hikeman

    Looks like a hike of a good time!

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