What type of meat do you use to make your jerky? 

Righteous Felon is proud to use only top quality, All-Natural beef in all of our recipes.  All RF products are made using Roseda All-Natural Black Angus Beef, grown locally about 70 miles southwest of West Chester.  Roseda Cattle grow up grazing in lush green pastures and are free of added growth hormones and antibiotics.  

Is Righteous Felon gluten free?

All of our recipes are gluten free EXCEPT for our Victorious B.I.G. flavor - which is made with beer, which contains gluten. 

Where do you sell your jerky?

Righteous Felon is currently available at specialty retail shops, beer shops, grocery stores, concert venues, golf courses, and bars across the United States - with a strong concentration the Mid-Atlantic.  If you think you know a spot RF should be at, please let us know!

I'd like to become a Cartel member and sling Righteous Felon at my retail establishment —what should I do?

Sounds like a remarkable idea, we are always looking for new Cartel members.  If you're interested in learning more about our wholesale pricing, please contact us at wholesale@righteousfelon.com. 

When can I expect the jerky I ordered online?

We make our best effort to ship your jerky the day after order, so it should arrive 2-7 business days after receipt of order...depending on your proximity to RF HQ. 

How long can I keep a bag of Righteous Felon Jerky?

Righteous Felon has a 12 month shelf life, but should be eaten within three days once the package is opened.    

Is there any ingredients in your jerky that I might be allergic to?

You can find our entire list of ingredients on our  Nutritional Information Page.