Order confirmation emails are sent to the email provided at checkout, with subject line "Righteous Felon Jerky Order Confirmed", followed by your order number.

Order numbers begin with "#RF", followed by 6 digits.

If you entered your email incorrectly at checkout, please reach out so we can help!

We've got the best warehouse gang out there! Orders placed on weekdays before 3pm EST will ship same day - anything else will ship out the next business day!

If you haven't received tracking information yet, please reply to your order confirmation email (subject line: Righteous Felon Jerky Order Confirmed #RF------) with the correct shipping address ASAP!

If you received tracking information, your order has already shipped, and therefore cannot be updated by our team. Please call the carrier (UPS, FedEx, or USPS) if you would like to reroute your shipment.

As long as you received your order confirmation email, your order has been processed successfully and will be shipped. We will reach out directly if anything is held up!

Have a specific day you want the package to arrive? In the notes section of your cart page, please write the requested date you want the box to arrive to the recipient.

Our shipping squad will do their best to get it there on that date, but we cannot guarantee carrier's delivery time.

We don't include any price information in any orders.

If needed, you can find this info in your order confirmation email or order history (in your customer account portal).

Need to cancel your order? Please reply to your order confirmation email ASAP, so we can cancel your order before it ships. If your order has already shipped, we are not able to cancel it.

Sometimes the carrier incorrectly marks a package as ‘delivered’ when it is still in transit. Please wait 2 additional business days for the order to arrive.

If the order still hasn’t arrived, please let us know so we can file a ‘LOST’ report with the carrier and send you a replacement ASAP.

*most orders turn up after waiting 2 days!

Each order can only ship to one address, but you are able to place multiple orders if needed.

If you are sending more than 10 packages at a time, feel free to reach out to us so we can accommodate!


You can find our sourcing, nutrition, and ingredients for each product here.

  • All RF Jerky is gluten-free, except Victorious BIG & Bourbon Franklin (the beer and bourbon used in these recipes contain gluten).
  • All RF Sticks are gluten-free & soy-free.
  • All RF Biltongs are gluten-free, soy-free, & sugar-free.

Shelf Life from time of production:

  • Jerky = 18 months
  • Biltong = 9 months
  • Sticks = 12 months

Expiration dates are included on each package, and apply as long as the package hasn't been opened.

Once a package is opened, it must be refrigerated and consumed within 72 hours. We recommend pushing any excess oxygen out of the bag, and keeping it tightly sealed to ensure freshness.

We think you'll finish the bag in one sitting though.....

Don't worry - this is NOT a batch or production issue. Just the science behind packaged food!

If a product's package is damaged, oxygen can seep in and cause mold. Kindly fill out the contact form below and take pictures of the affected package (inside, front, & back), so we can replace it ASAP!


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