Oct 16th RF Jam of the Day - Throwback

For the inaugural "RF Throwback Jam of the Day," we're dropping "Lay Low" by My Morning Jacket on ya.  For those who aren't familiar with the Kentucky Quintet, these guys are stone cold shredders.  This song in particular is a true throwback for RF as it served as the background music each day for 6 months in 2009 when we renovated the 120 year old house that some of us still live in today - affectionately called by those who assisted in it's tear down and reconstruction, "The Dust Factory."  During this 6 months, we'd get to the Dust around 6pm after our day jobs and put in another solid 6 hours on the house - pumping jams throughout the night loud enough so each of us, deployed to different areas of the house, could hear it.  And every night, Lay Low would come on and every night, just at around the 5:00 minute mark - everyone would emerge from their respective area of duty for a mass air-guitar session.   The Dust Factory days truly were a fun and extremely scary time as we got ourselves in way over our heads and the only way we got out was with a never-ending stream of help from friends and family.  Can't listen to this song without being reminded of the project and all the people who made it come together - and for that, Lay Low is the offical Dust Factory Anthem.  And now it's yours, enjoy!

Photos of The Dust:

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