5 Epic Conservation Alliance Victories You Made Possible

5 Epic Conservation Alliance Victories You Made Possible



‘Tis the time of seasons changing.  With the Autumnal Equinox in the rearview, the leaves will begin fading from a verdant green to radiant shades of yellow, red, burnt-orange, and amber.  With that comes an invitation for all of us to reflect, with our favorite flavor of jerky tight in our fists and the smell of pumpkin pie on the wind.  Since July marked our 1-year anniversary as active participants in the Conservation Alliance, we wanted to recap the accomplishments the Cartel—and you—have been instrumental in.  Don’t be coy!  Take pride in the mountains moved through your complicity in devouring shedloads of RF Jerky.  The victory is yours, Felons, suspects, revolutionaries, coconspirators, and accomplices!  Tonight we eat jerky in honor of the preservation of these wild places! 

Almond Ranch saved!   


The acquisition of these 281-acres completes a 550-mile loop circumnavigating the San Francisco Bay.  Almond Ranch is the missing piece that makes the circle complete.  We’re sure you’re excited as we are to explore these trails, some stretches of the loop nearly hidden, and perfect for smuggling a couple bites of culinary contraband into your gullet.  We recommend pairing a visit to this holy glen with a slice of Baby Blues, for soaking in the blue skies and the tracks that lead to the cerulean bay. 

 Crested Butte preserved!


This large accomplishment is dear to our little hearts, as the Colorado chapter of the Jerky Cartel is up and running.  In fact, our Rocky Mountains satellite crew has plans to infiltrate this area later this Fall, for a few vibrant days of serious leaf-peeping.  750-acres ain’t something to slouch about—we did it, Felons!  When you’re in the neighborhood we suggest pairing this pocket of mountainous terrain with a slice of Truffle-O Bill, the kind of jerky you can enjoy from inside your bouldering boots or up on saddleback. 

 Dog Easement lives to fight another day!


For those with a need for speed and thrill-seekers with an appetite to shred, the Cartel-supported Conservation Alliance got their marinade-soaked fingers onto this 1,006-acre plot in El Paso, Texas.  Preserving a piece of the Lone Star State has been on the RF bucket-list for quite awhile now.  Now that we, thanks to you, have that accolade pinned to our windbreakers, we can’t wait to tear across this landscape by mountain bike, with the RF canine-fam in tow, trailing our tires, tails a-wag.  For this stretch of mirage-producing desert, we suggest a slab of Habanero Escobar, and a steady stream of agua from your CamelBak to wash it down. 

 Rattlesnake Dam - dismissed!


Sometimes in order to build something up, you’ve got to tear something down.  With the removal of the Rattlesnake Dam outside Missoula, Montana, a waterway of thriving proportions was restored for many fish including trophy-worthy brown and cutthroat trout.  We’re giddy to navigate these waters ourselves, crafting a map of where still-pools—among the rapids and riffles—secretly dwell, creating the perfect conditions for fly-fishing.  Furthermore, this now-unimpeded stretch will offer a sublime boating-course for those who excel with a paddle.  The jerky we recommend for this wild place is Righteous Felon’s Maryland Monroe, an edible ode to one of our favorite watercourses, the Chesapeake Bay.  Monroe comes loaded with a smooth crustacean zing for a day of getting your feet wet at a treasured tributary. 

Thank you Ventura Land Trust!


It’s not everyday 2,100-acres of readily accessible land gets preserved for public use and enjoyment.  Besides the array of unique tree species and hiking trails visitors can wander and admire, the Ventura, California-area preserve includes Harmon Canyon, Channel Islands National Park, and multi-use mountain ranges and stretches of coast.  For a preserve this big we recommend taking our trio of Cape Town Connection Biltongs.  These include the balance-focused Nelson ManDilla, the mighty-spicy Ancho Villa, and the intense and rich Darth Garlic.  For moseying the entirety of these 2,100-acres we suggest bringing them all.  Sustenance is a core tenet of the Righteous Felon mission, and these South African jerkies are high in protein, low in sugar, and KETO friendly. 


Updates on future victories to come!

We’ll give you all an update on future RF/Conservation Alliance land-preservation victories as developments progress in the coming months.  Thank you for your service to the RFJC and the Conservation Alliance.  Think of all the precious jerky you consume, converted into acres of safeguarded square-miles of nature.  Now that's a recipe for success.  Thank you for joining the Flavor Revolution, we value your hunger for the protection of our America's wild places!           


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