The Come Up

Not since a bolt of lightning melted the cheese on Ben Franklin's steak and cheese sandwich has Philadelphia seen a meat revolution the likes of this. Last week will go down in RF history as the week the City of Brotherly Love entered the post cheesesteak era. Don't believe us? Here's what the Philly Foodies had to say:    

 "Eat This Now"   

Pretty cut and dry, huh? To help repeat offenders and first time users alike follow this simple instruction, the Cartel hit the streets to let people sample the goods and taste why Pat's and Geno's are thinkin' about closin' up shop...

Photography by Travis Mease

Photography by Travis Mease:

Milkboy, our new favorite Center City spot, hosted the Cartel for a sold out Friday night performance from Seattle's Pickwick. With a new chef, a new menu, and RF jerky available behind the bar, we highly recommend grabbing a bite or catching a show upstairs. Next stop was the Corner Foodery where we teamed up with Sly Fox Brewery to slice, dice and wash down those Tuesday blues with some excellent jerky and beer pairings. Finally one of Fishtown's finest watering holes, Bottle Bar East, hosted a rockin' First Friday, featuring PA's own Dad's Hat Rye Whiskey, Oskar Blues Brewery, and enough RF jerky to kill a cat (seriously, our friend's cat almost died). The Victor North Jazz Trio were on fire (possibly because of a mid-set Habanero break?), providing the perfect soundtrack for Fishtown residents to indulge in their first hits of O.G., Che and Escobar. We couldn't have asked for a better end to this awesome week.



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