Meat Me In Moab

Last Fall Team RF headed to Moab, Utah to get a foothold on three awe-inspiring parks: National Parks Arches and Canyonlands and Dead Horse State Park. The vistas were mighty. The skies were big and breathtaking. The sets of rock formations like arcades of geologic majesty. Needless to say, we brought a camera and a crap-ton of jerky. Cases in fact. 

Day 1 - The Needles - Hoodoos like chanterelle mushrooms, bulbous spires twisting from the moonlike terrain.  The mighty Druid Arch, the perfect book-end to a strenuous 17 mile trek.  

Day 2 - Arches National Park - Delicate, Double, Skyline, and Sand Dune Arches, a sandstone poem to the triassic age.  The Windows, Balanced Rock.  The sunset mesas of Island In The Sky, twilight vistas of epic grandeur.  

Day 3 - Dead Horse Point - Snow clutching the lookout as we gaze below.  Ghostly pictographs.  The mysterious Upheaval Dome.  


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