Marinating in the Groove with Phish & Righteous Felon

After an unusual start to Summer Tour in the American Heartland, Phish steadily made way north where Righteous operatives caught the boys in Hershey, PA.  But it was Phish’s three-night run in Atlantic City where the Jerky Cartel posted up in earnest, racketeering O.G. Hickory and Habanero Escobar from a booth situated near Exit 8. 


RF Jerky is the perfect phix for phans on tour. It’s lean, durable, delicious, energy-producing, high in protein, portable, and can be used to bribe the 5-O if they’re threatening to detain your bubbler.  Heck, RF’s even a dynamite snack from the confines of Couch Tour.  I experienced that luxury myself, slurping down a cold Oolong For The Limes from Reverie Brewing, and nibbling on a bag of Fowl Capone, while streaming the show opener at my parent’s house (their first show!). Those early dates had spats of rickety jamming, with Trey, Page, Mike, and Fish, saving the true sonic coalescence for Atlantic City.


Right from the get of Friday night’s instrumental ‘Cars Trucks Buses,’ it was clear, the RF Crew and the other 40,000 phans on the beach were going to get a more polished Phish.  But that’s not all.  Phans seeking Righteous Felon Jerky had another surprise in store.  Pitched next door to RFHQ were the spear-headers in the Death to Plastic movement and purveyors of hilarious, anti-corporate marketing themselves … LIQUID DEATH.  Phans rejoiced, accessing criminally crafted jerky and afterwards having the chance to murder their thirst all at one crossroads of the beach-bound venue. 


By the end of night 1 the ballots for RF’s song-calling contest were coming in hot.  One culprit won her bag of RF by predicting the apropos Friday night ‘AC/DC Bag,’ while another lucky angler Phished his wish with a Sunday night, set 1 ‘Sloth’ prediction.  The setlist game has become a running tradition we love to share with all of you, calling out songs for a slab of RF pocket steak.  Speaking of which we want to thank those who swung by the tent and supported us AC weekend  for Phish.  Needless to say, we’ve been reflecting on just how special jamming out live with y’all is, and feel honored you’ve chosen RF as your honorary, unlawful jerky for the duration of tour.  It’s been a long, strange trip since our commencement tent at Magnaball, and seemed to come full-circle during ‘Drowned’ and ‘Carini,’ where Phish’s grooves got smoother than a stick of THC butter on a frying pan.     


Quick shout-out to our other neighbors, the taco and burger-peddling four-wheeled outfit known as the Happy Hour Dive Cart Philadelphia.  You guys rule!  And also a few of our partner (in crime) brands that completed the RF menu: Mavuno Harvest, Big Spoon Roasters, and Kate's Real Food.  Hope Phish played your favorite jams!   


Keep your antennae up for the incoming Righteous/Death challenge, where upstanding suspects like yourself are dared to incinerate your tastebuds with a bag of RF Voodoo Chile (crafted with Carolina Reapers), then murder your thirst with a can of Liquid Death.  When it comes to dousing your tongue, do you prefer still or sparkling?


RF Fam and Phish Pham, we will see you, Labor Day Weekend at Dick’s in Commerce City, CO.  Let’s get zeroed.  And for those of you who dropped your bean right on cue for the transcendental highs of the ‘Fluffhead’ encore closing out the weekend … well, if you know, you know.  Blaze on, RF brethren!  See you at 5280, pholks!

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