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The Bunny’s Got a Beef

We’ve just passed that time of the year again when the Easter Bunny hops into town with a spring in his step and a basket full of eggs. While we knew the ol’ fuzz butt had a problem with us in past years, he made it abundantly clear this year that he's got a bone to pick. That buck-toothed bunny can’t stand it when families break through tradition and load baskets with beef jerky and biltong. And he’s particularly plucky about giving out beef jerky gift boxes to adults. Don’t get us started on beef jerky subscriptions!

But why can’t we all get our paws on the fun?

beef jerky gift boxes

First, the bunny gets his feelings busted up over parents trying to outdo him in the Easter basket department. We get it. This legendary bunny hasn’t risen to the level of sainthood like Santa, but we have mad respect for the way he sneaks into yards and homes, trespassing without a trace. However, he always has had a chip on his shoulder about the baskets.

Compared to St. Nick, he knows he’s number two in the gift department, and it makes him nervous anytime people add to his baskets and diminish his dignity and dedication to his craft. He works on his baskets and eggs all year, and unlike Santa, he not only has to get them into the house, but he has to hide eggs everywhere, too. Plus, he doesn’t have a special suit, a prep team, or a bunch of reindeer hauling him around either.

So when people can't resist the urge to add treats to his beloved baskets, the legendary bunny feels like everyone is trying to one-up him with their bonus beef jerky, filling baskets to the brim along with all sorts of other goodies. It doesn’t help that you can find pre-packaged competition in the supermarket, and don’t get him started on Pinterest!

Still, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone in your family or friend group that doesn’t enjoy the savory flavors in a perfectly packaged beef jerky gift box, and who can resist adding carefully curated craft beef jerky to their kids’ Easter baskets? It’s ready to eat, can be packed into any bag for easy access, and offers a nutritious, filling snack.

Regardless, the Easter Bunny knows he’s the O.G. influencer for this holiday, and he’s feeling put out with his paws being stepped on so blatantly. His simple formula has worked for decades, but the tradition is transforming, and he doesn’t like it one bit.

The bunny figures we’re trying to hone in on his territory, and while we’ve offered to team up in the past, he has always declined. We don’t mean to give the Easter Bunny a good thumping this time of year, but it can’t be helped that our beef jerky makes a great addition to a gift basket any time of the year. We’re not purposefully trying to pull a heist on the holiday, but craft beef jerky can stand on its own as a gift, and if folks want to stash the sticks into baskets and boxes for gifts throughout the year, who are we to argue?

We know our beef jerky makes the perfect pairing for a party, post-workout fuel, and practically anywhere you want to travel. From camping and hunting to road trips and vacays, packing a protein-filled snack that’s both delicious and nutritious has never been easier. So while we support the rabbit and his efforts to uphold tradition, we feel like we’re on the right side of things here. After all, it isn’t like we make jerky out of bunny meat—well, at least not yet.

beef jerky gift boxes

Fed up with his one-sided feud, the bunny has decided to hop across the pond and team up with Jack-in-the-Green, the legendary figure from English folklore. Like a lengthy leprechaun covered in leaves, Jack loves to pull pranks while hanging around for May Day and the celebration of spring. Considering the bunny’s beef, when these two mythical beings cross paths, you can bet this wannabe Bunny and Clyde duo will try to fill May with some cheeky tricks.

But we’re not worried about cheap tricks. This Jack hasn’t got jack. Father’s Day is just around the corner, and we’ve got some amped up leaf blowers ready to rock, and a compost pile ready for a deposit. Plus, the lucky rabbit’s foot hanging from our company’s keychain assures us that one leaf man and a rabbit can’t touch our level of operation.

We know our success gnaws at the pride of every mythical character that gives us blowback for adding our own merriment to gift-giving around the year. But when you’re loco like us, you don’t worry about legends—we’ve already generated our own. So we keep pushing the product because we have our fan base to please.

We don’t need a glam squad or a special suit. We have a team that rocks the process better than a crowd of jolly elves, and we use high-quality beef and ingredients that elevates us above the competition. Whether a bunny or the big guy in a red suit, we don’t think we’re competing with any holiday. We’ve created our own tradition and crafted our own following.

From subscriptions to custom beef jerky gift boxes, you can find both flavor and flair in what we do. From birthdays and holidays to parties and traveling, you can always find a reason for beef jerky. You don’t even need a special day or reason. You only need one taste to understand why our variety of flavors and tantalizing textures appeal to a wide range of people and occasions.

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