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Top 3 Reasons Your Man Wants Beef Jerky for Valentine’s Day

Although the holidays are over, gift-giving doesn’t stop for the man you love. In fact, Valentine’s Day marks the one day you can blow him away with that one unique, personal gift that shows him just how well you know him, but guys can be hard to shop for, especially when you’re trying to find that one, perfect gift.

While flowers, decadent chocolates, and a romantic night out is a fairly common Valentine’s date for women, men don’t seem to have a typical Valentine’s gift—until now, that is. Unless your man is a vegan, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a guy who wouldn’t love a craft beef jerky bundle or subscription for Valentine’s Day.

In fact, this post explains the top three reasons why guys want beef jerky or biltong as a gift for Valentine’s Day this year. Whether your man’s passion ranges from hunting and camping to religiously working out or the one you love just enjoys eating in a health-conscious way, you’ll find that a subscription or bundle of meat snacks makes a perfect gift to fit his lifestyle and loves, other than you, of course.

beef jerky

1. Jerky Makes a Great Snack When on the Go

One of the best things about jerky and biltong snacks is their staying power. These long-lasting meat snacks provide a lightweight, highly portable protein that makes a delicious, nutrient-rich snack for a wide array of activities. Whether your man likes to enjoy the great outdoors or follows a hectic schedule that keeps him on the go, he needs protein to keep him going, and rather than pack basic, highly processed food, craft jerky offers a delicious alternative.

If your man enjoys any of the following activities, a meat snack bundle or subscription would be a great gift this Valentine’s Day:

  • He loves to hunt. Hunting and jerky go hand in hand. In fact, a lot of deer hunters enjoy making deer jerky from the meat they’ve harvested. When guys are out hunting, they need a simple snack that offers a good source of healthy protein to fill them up and keep them fueled for the long hours they spend out hunting.
  • He enjoys camping. Whether he camps with you or his friends, the rule for camping is to pack lightly. So if the one you love enjoys extended stays in the great outdoors, you can ensure he gets his proper portion of protein with craft jerky and biltong in a variety of flavors.
  • He lives the van life. Living in a van is not what it used to be. If your man loves hitting the road in his tricked-out van for long-term trips or short excursions, like camping, space is at a premium, and you won’t find a simpler way to pack protein for a trip than packing a meat snack like jerky or biltong.
  • He’s a family-first kind of guy. These days, men don’t leave running the kids to school and practice to their wives. Today’s man might work from home or even stay at home with the kids while his wife is at work, or he splits the duties 50/50. If your guy is regularly on the go with the kids, he’s likely putting his eating needs last. Most parents do and end up eating fast-food or pre-packaged junk food to get through the day. So if this sounds like your man, consider a bundle or subscription of meat snacks to ensure he’s eating well while on the go.
  • He travels for work. Even since COVID, some jobs still require a lot of traveling. Whether it’s driving short distances every day or traveling over the road for days at a time, it can be difficult to find portable, nutrient-dense food that’s prepackaged and easily dropped into a bag before you take off. So to help your guy avoid fast food, meals at airports, and unhealthy snacks while on the road, getting him snacks like jerky and biltong for Valentine’s Day not only gives him an easy, healthy choice but also offers a reminder of how much you love and care about him while he’s away.

beef jerky

2. Jerky Offers Excellent Fuel Pre- or Post-Workout

If the one you love and adore loves to work out, nothing makes a greater pre- or post-workout snack like protein-packed jerky or biltong. Unlike protein shakes, fruit, or other forms of workout fuel, meat snacks can sit in his gym bag and don’t require prep work or go rotten after sitting in his bag for a few days.

Your guy doesn’t have to be a distance runner, elite athlete, or serious weightlifter to need a refill of protein after a workout, and having a supply of craft meat snacks with creative flavors keeps him fueled before and after his workout when he requires a much-needed punch of protein.

3. Jerky Snacks Support Health-Conscious Diets

Regardless of whether your man eats a high-protein diet, follows a low-fat or low-sugar diet, or avoids highly processed foods, jerky and biltong both fit the bill perfectly. Low in fat and sugar and packing a high dose of protein with little to no processing, meat snacks support a wide range of health-conscious lifestyles.

Beef jerky and biltong represent the best of the best when it comes to snack food. Full of protein but not processing, meat snacks make a great supplement for anyone who wants to follow specific diet requirements that limit chemicals, sugar, and fat.

If your man enjoys an on-the-go lifestyle, enjoys spending time in the outdoors, works out consistently, or follows a diet or lifestyle that limits processed foods, sugar, and fat, gifting him a subscription or a bundle of beef jerky or biltong shows him how you care about his lifestyle choices. Craft jerky and biltong from Righteous Felon come in several delicious flavors to please any palate and tell your guy you not only love him but love to support his lifestyle as well.

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