The Righteous & The Whiskey

The Cartel is thrilled to announce that we are finally open for business and even more thrilled to announce that our first distribution location will be at our favorite watering hole in NYC!  The Whiskey Brooklyn, located on Berry and N. 11th street in Williamsburg, is the site where a lot of early RF ideas were born, reinforced, denounced, and some likely forgotten (as the bar's name might suggest)... So it only seems right that the vision of RFJC finally comes to fruition under the same roof. Whiskey establishments throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan will now be slingin' all three flavors of Righteous Felon All-Natural Jerky. Righteous Felon will be for sale at The Whiskey BrooklynThe Whiskey Shop and also available at their brother bar, Whiskey Town, located in the East Village.  
Next time your droppin' in for a spicy pickleback, ask the barkeep where he keeps the good stuff!

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