We get it, it’s hard to break tradition.  Sure, yet another tie and box of golf balls for Dad this year would be fine – just fine!  But for those looking to blow Dad’s mind, with a unique, thoughtful, and hand-crafted gift, we’ve got 15 ideas for you.  And every single one of them is included in Righteous Felon’s Whole Shebang gift bundle!  Find that and our other creative Father’s Day gifts for the hardworking Dad below! 

Righteous Felon Gift Bundle1.  The Righteous Felon Whole Shebang

Righteous Felon Jerky belongs to a (criminal) class all its own. 

With the Whole Shebang, Dad gets to try the entire delicious lineup.  That’s correct, ALL nine exotic RF Jerkies, ALL 3 keto, high-protein, zero sugar RF Biltongs, and our trio of meat sticks to boot! 

Warning: This gift is guaranteed to make your Dad the envy of every other Dad on the block!  Hopefully he doesn’t gobble up all the bags and lends a slice here and there to his pals!  Also comes with an official RF Bag to legitimize your status as grandmaster of gift-wrapping.

A Knife for Dad

2.  Blades

That’s not a knife—hey, that’s a knife!  Let’s just assume for sake of argument that your old man is suffering from a sub-par knife problem.  Maybe its sharpness quotient has dulled, or perhaps, there’s a type of knife missing from his collection.  He may have knives of the pocket, butter, and butterfly varieties, but does he have a machete?  How about a bowie or a sword?  After all a sword is just a very large knife. 

We recommend something of Japanese descent for dicing up your Righteous Felon Biltong slab.  Not sure what biltong is?  We got you covered.A Jacket for Dad!

 3. A Jacket

Here we’re thinking Sherpa-lined or something waterproof.  The key criteria being the more pockets the better.  10 pockets?  Sure, good.  1,000 pockets, better.  ∞ pockets?  Now we’re talking.  Alas, perhaps there is an overkill ceiling on pockets.  After all, 1,000 pockets translates roughly to “1,000 more places to lose your keys.”  Or worse, lose the bags included in your jerk-tong bundle!  Oh brother.  Welp!  Maybe an umbrella is what you’re after. 

A Fishing Pole for Dad!

4. Rod, Reel, & Tackle 

If your Dad is anything like mine he probably refuses to eat anything he hasn’t caught and killed himself.  Well, my pops was like that, until he discovered the crisp snap and delightfully flavorful glory that is Righteous Felon meat sticks.  At any rate, if your Dad is still in the habit of playing apex predator like mine once was, nothing gets a fresh fillet on the table like a hi-tech fishing rod. 

Of course, he may be in the market for a Polynesian spear if he’s the hands-on type.  At the end of the day however, hunting and fishing are of course activates improved by having a couple ounces of RF jerk in the saddlebag or tackle box, just ask our latest Righteous converts, the Hintons and . 

A Magazine for Dad!

5. A Magazine

Physical media is having a moment right now.  Transport Dad to the heyday of paper press!  Flipping through the glossy pages of Maxim Magazine or Ranger Rick will not only make your old man nostalgic for a better time, it will improve his vocabulary, reading speed, and comprehension scores. 

This thing called ‘reading’ was once the activity keeping our society glued together, preventing a worldwide backslide into living as warring and tribal cave-people.  If you’re at a loss for which mag is right for Dad, give Southern Living, mashed, or Oprah Daily a shot!  Check out #6 on O's list of last minute Father's Day gifts.  

A Video Game for Dad!

6. Elden Ring for PC, PS5, or XBOX 

You know what your Dad definitely doesn’t have?  160 hours of free time.  But hey, every night . . . the lights must go out.  And that’s when Dad gets his game on!  For some Dads working out inner-rage means demoing the old bathroom, or running a fellow Ford F-150 off the road.  But for others it’s button-smashing pre-rendered monsters and demons. 

In a study we recently forced Google into finding for us, we found video games and a healthy dose of interactive electronics will improve Dad’s reaction time, meaning on his next Polynesian spear fishing outing, Papa’s bringing home din-din!  Note: hacking and slashing through lifelike settings with brilliant lighting effects pairs great with RF Biltong - try it with Darth Garlic!  

A Bike for Dad!

7.  A Penny-Farthing Bicycle

Sure, Dad’s already got a couple Harleys and a Kawasaki Ninja in the garage.  Heck, there’s even a dogsled in there buried under all the bags of stolen money.  But does he have one of these bad boys?  Didn’t think so.  All the rage in the 1870s, this large-wheeled velocipede is on the precipice of making a huge comeback. 

Just think how badass getting picked up from school with one of these and handle-barring it home would’ve been.  Sitting up there with Dad, sharing a bag of Baby Blues.  Just don’t ask us what to do when you get a flat.

Jerky Subscription for Dad!8. A Righteous Felon Jerky Subscription 

Our new and improved subscription service is the ultimate gift that keeps giving.  Suspects can customize their cart month by month and change the frequency of when their recurring order sends!  Subscribers get 10% off every order and FREE shipping, plus, they can earn free jerky by collecting Rewards Points and will be entered to win our contest for Kingpin of the Month!  Sign Dad up for a gift subscription today! 

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