Happy Earth Day.  

At Righteous Felon, we champion ourselves as gurus of the grift and crusaders of culinary contraband.  But we’re also a snack syndicate of dedicated nature-lovers, so at RFHQ, every day is Earth Day.  While we're aware of the impact that cattle-raising puts on the environment, here are a few ways we soften our impact so you can enjoy that bag of O.G. Hickory guilt-free, and ensure your purchase helps protect North America’s wild lands.  Thanks for your support!

Help us protect Natural Lands
-       We skim a little off the top of each sale to donate to The Conservation Alliance, which in the last month alone has had landmark successes in protecting over 100K acres of natural, wild lands in the US!  Namely: Maine [6,045 acres protected], Oregon [Elliot State Forest’s 82,000 acres designated as a State Research Forest], Texas [grasslands in Marfa], and Ohio [the Kamama Prairie Preserve].  Your commitment to a better jerky helped make it happen!

-       We go direct-to the-source (American family farms) for all of our meats, avoiding the carbon footprint of importing foreign beef and the energy demands of long-term freezer storage & transport that come with it.  Unlike *cough cough* some of our competitors.    

-       We grease the palms of the UPS as our delivery "wheelman" to utilize SmartPost delivery versus air shipping, to get you your product in a quick, yet energy-efficient manner. 

-       We strongarm our employees into remote work and virtual meetings whenever possible to reduce travel waste.  Pajamas permitted only from the waist down for all important video conferences, please.  

-       We beef up the security of the beautiful natural lands of our hometown, Chester County, through our work with Natural Lands.  Join us this summer at their outdoor concert series for craft beers, RF Jerk, and radical tunes!  Find tickets here.

Click here to find an event YOU can take part in
In every way, keeping our planet clean is a team effort and RF is here to do our part as we continue to look for new strategies to reduce our carbon footprint.  Thanks for being in our corner.  Let’s leave this place in the Righteous state we found it for the next generation of cunning and criminally-inclined jerky-lovers!

Here are a few ways we'll be merging our love for RF Jerky with the outdoors all Earth Day weekend long:   

Hiking is a great opportunity to scarf down RF


There's no better place to continue your ongoing sugar detox than the middle of a forest or the top of a mountain.  With RF Biltongs like Darth Garlic and Ancho Villa snug inside your tent and your daypack, you'll be taking your low carb, carnivore diet to the next level.  What is biltong?  It's a South African spin on beef jerky, with zero sugar and tons of protein, perfect for your keto diet.  This is THE hiking snack.  Celebrate Earth Day by sticking to your dietary guns in the wilderness!  

Bike the wilderness!

BIKING  (w/ RF Jerky)  

Whether pedaling by fixie, unicycle, or electrically-powered, high performance chopper, Righteous Felon has you covered.  With a hog between your legs and your thumb working the gears, that leaves you one free hand to snag a slice of OG Hickory out of your sling satchel.  Nothing beats our non plant-based jerky like the open road.  Is beef jerky healthy?  Of course!  Just ask the fat-burning state of my basal metabolic rate.  You'll hit higher rpms via your bike in the fresh air than you do on your jump rope.  Enjoy nature and ride on!  

Check out this bag of jerky chew!


In order to beautify the local park, you're going to need food fuel to properly wield your litter-grabbing claw or pointy trash poker.  That's where RF Jerky Chew comes in.  You'll be noshing on this bag of goodness while you return your favorite nature preserve to the immaculate state in which it was founded.  This is a carnivore diet favorite for the whole family!  Restock your Jerky Chew stash and give back to nature, it's time to tidy up!  

Sticks are a great snack!


Not the outdoorsy type?  Hey, between you and me, I also like an aggressive couch sesh between trips to the crossfit gym.  Have no fear, you can still celebrate Earth Day from indoors with the low-power mode on your game console enabled.  Whether customizing your island in the virtual world of Animal Crossing, or courting the Turtle Pope in Elden Ring, nothing helps you hack, slash, craft, and collect your way to platinum victory like a handful of RF meat sticks.  These keto-friendly, and paleo-approved snacks keep your thumbs dexterous and your button mashes thunderous.  Hanging in is an awesome way to neutralize your carbon footprint.  Commit to your living room and the teammates within your Discord chat while you raid the fortress of the Witch Queen with RF Jerky!  

Get out there and enjoy the weather!

Now that we've plied you with Earth Day activities galore, and their associated RF snacks, get out there and enjoy the weather!

Wishing you peace, love, and success in your jerky smuggling operations.  
The Righteous Fam  

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