Because Righteous Felon make's America's best (and most illegal) jerky, the press has caught wind, and printed a couple flattering screeds about us.  Take a look!
Hola Amigos! It is I, Ancho Villa, the rootinest, tootinest caballero of all Righteous Felon Craft Jerky. Perhaps you were unaware, but I am part of a trio on beefy banditos known as “The Righteous Felon Biltong Gang.” That’s right! We are a zero sugar and keto-friendly crew.  We went to CDMX (Mexico City) to do research for our new, Cinco de Mayo related, top-secret flavor!
At Righteous Felon, we champion ourselves as gurus of the grift and crusaders of culinary contraband.  But we’re also a snack syndicate of dedicated nature-lovers, so at RFHQ, every day is Earth Day.  While we're aware of the impact that cattle-raising puts on the environment, here are a few ways we soften our impact so you can enjoy that bag of O.G. Hickory guilt-free, and ensure your purchase helps protect North America’s wild lands. 
Eradicating the growler civilization as we know it as it would enable you to stop by your local brewpub, fill up your Synek beer cartridge and then take it home and put it on tap, where it stays fresh for weeks - as opposed to taking home a growler where one essentially inherits a ticking-time bomb of beer and has to make the gut wrenching decision between A) drinking the entire growler of 10% ABV beer and embarrassing his/her entire family or B) letting a perfectly good 10% beer slowly lose all its carbonation over night as it withers away in the refrigerator due to your new found self-awareness of your drinking problem that "you're working on."

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