Synek - The Keurig of Craft Beer

Food Beast recently published an article about the new Synek Beer Machine.  This machine could essentially serve as the Keurig of Craft Beer by allowing both the astute beer lover, as well as the everyday alcoholic, to store beer in cartridge form for use in a home brew tap system.  We see this technology eradicating the growler civilization as we know it as it would enable you to stop by your local brewpub, fill up your Synek beer cartridge and then take it home and put it on tap, where it stays fresh for weeks - as opposed to taking home a growler where one essentially inherits a ticking-time bomb of beer and has to make the gut wrenching decision between A) drinking the entire growler of 10% ABV beer and embarrassing his/her entire family or B) letting a perfectly good 10% beer slowly lose all its carbonation over night as it withers away in the refrigerator due to your new found self-awareness of your drinking problem that "you're working on."  The glory of this is that it combines two amazing worlds: The glory of having a beer tap at home with the variety one can achieve with bottles.   While having a beer meister at home is awesome (and kinda 90's, no?), you still have to polish off an entire sixtel or keg before you get to try another beer.  Whilst in a craft beer renaissance such as we are today, it's paramount that we all have access to variety - which is why you see "Pick 6" shops popping up all over the place where we pay outrageous 6 pack prices simply for the luxury of mixing and matching different brews.  This new product combines both of those worlds and offers the "home tap experience" while also giving you the ability to quickly and easily tap numerous different types of beer - all at the convenience of your home...or van....down by the river.  We think these Synek guys are on to something revolutionary and we wish them the best on their quest to find an option C....and perhaps a cooler name.  

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  • Chip Nipple

    This is fantastic. Makes me nipples harden.

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