Because Righteous Felon make's America's best (and most illegal) jerky, the press has caught wind, and printed a couple flattering screeds about us.  Take a look!
We're happy to report that Philly FoodWorks is now trafficking jerky for the Cartel - and for a limited time, they are offering 2 free bags of jerky with a sign-up for their Philly based Farm Share.  Below is all the information you need to come to the realization that you need Philly Food Works in your life...
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Eradicating the growler civilization as we know it as it would enable you to stop by your local brewpub, fill up your Synek beer cartridge and then take it home and put it on tap, where it stays fresh for weeks - as opposed to taking home a growler where one essentially inherits a ticking-time bomb of beer and has to make the gut wrenching decision between A) drinking the entire growler of 10% ABV beer and embarrassing his/her entire family or B) letting a perfectly good 10% beer slowly lose all its carbonation over night as it withers away in the refrigerator due to your new found self-awareness of your drinking problem that "you're working on."
Ever wonder how the cartel manages to acquire some of the world's most jaw-dropping jerky photos the world has ever seen?  Well wonder no longer, RF's secret weapon, "Flash"
  • 4 min read
Craig Laban of The Philadelphia Inquirer recently published an article on the craft distilling game that's boiling up in the City of Brotherly Love.   Awesome to hear that we'll soon have as many choices of local, small batch spirits as we do for craft beer!  One wild fact the article highlights is number of distilleries in PA today vs. 1920, prior to prohibition.

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