Free RF Jerky From Philly FoodWorks CSA

We're happy to report that Philly Food Works is now trafficking jerky for the Cartel - and for a limited time, they are offering 2 free bags of jerky with a sign-up for their Philly based Farm Share.  Below is all the information you need to come to the realization that you need Philly Food Works in your life...

Philly Foodworks has grown out of a citywide demand for a community food system. This system encompasses farmers, chefs, artisans, entrepreneurs, activists, educators and customers who desire good food. Philly Foodworks is taking local good food out of a niche market and bringing it to everyone.

We run a CSA (farm share program in which customers receive weekly deliveries of produce) and local food distribution system that helps producers secure and build their business, while increasing access to their products to all Philadelphians. We identify new crops for our farmers to grow and help them manage the logistics to help them keep up with market trends. CSA members can customize their shares to the degree they desire and are reimbursed when they can not pick up their share.

You can also receive boxes at home through a bicycle delivery system.

Length: November 4th - May 21st (22 weeks) with a 6 week break between December 11th - February 3rd.


Your Choice: $395 (whatever you decide)

Mixed Choice: $315 plus $35 in online market credits (four items, you choose some things, farmer   chooses some things plus $35 to spend at your discretion on online market)

Farmers Choice: $535 (8 items, farmer chooses)

Products available besides vegetables: meat, dairy, fruit, bread, jam, honey, hummus, beef jerky, soup, mushrooms, condiments, tea+coffee, desserts and much more coming!

Location: Pick-up your share at one of 25 different drop-off locations around the city. Or have your share delivered to you by bicycle.

More info about the Winter CSA...

Sign up for the CSA... Use Discount Code "JERKY" for two free bags of RF...


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