Because Righteous Felon make's America's best (and most illegal) jerky, the press has caught wind, and printed a couple flattering screeds about us.  Take a look!
Hola Amigos! It is I, Ancho Villa, the rootinest, tootinest caballero of all Righteous Felon Craft Jerky. Perhaps you were unaware, but I am part of a trio on beefy banditos known as “The Righteous Felon Biltong Gang.” That’s right! We are a zero sugar and keto-friendly crew.  We went to CDMX (Mexico City) to do research for our new, Cinco de Mayo related, top-secret flavor!
In this installment of Righteous Recipes - I explore my mother-of-three's culinary resourcefulness in a hectic, internet-less, cell-phone-less, 90's world, my brother's fall from grace into the depths of Vegetarianism - only to rise again and invent the internationally acclaimed "Chili in the Willy" Chili Cook-Off, I divulge the plight of the modern jerky salesmen and illustrate how local breweries can weave their way into our everyday lives.  But don't worry, in the end I reveal a flavor packed, IPA-infused, Chili recipe and the not-so-precise instructions you need to to prepare it perfectly.  Let's do this.

It's getting cold out there and can only mean one thing - it's time to start heating up your whiskey.  Here's a simple, foolproof recipe for some strong Hot Toddies to get you through the cold winter months...
We're happy to report that Philly FoodWorks is now trafficking jerky for the Cartel - and for a limited time, they are offering 2 free bags of jerky with a sign-up for their Philly based Farm Share.  Below is all the information you need to come to the realization that you need Philly Food Works in your life...
  • 2 min read
Victory Brewing Co expands it's product offering into craft foods like Hot Sauce, Pickles, Ice Cream, Cheese Dips, and of course, Imperial Jerky...Catch the full article here...
  • 1 min read
Ever wonder how the cartel manages to acquire some of the world's most jaw-dropping jerky photos the world has ever seen?  Well wonder no longer, RF's secret weapon, "Flash"
  • 4 min read

Righteous Felon is pleased to announce that our first Philly distributor is The Foodery, located in Northern Liberties on the corner of 2nd and Poplar... 

  • 1 min read

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