Ancho Villa at the Pyramids of Sun and Moon!

It's the Mayan life for me!

Hola Amigos!  It is I, Ancho Villa, the rootinest, tootinest caballero of all Righteous Felon Craft Jerky.  Perhaps you were unaware, but I am part of a trio on beefy banditos known as “The Righteous Felon Biltong Gang.”  That’s right!  We are a zero sugar and keto-friendly crew.  And did I mention, each of us packs a mucho grande punch of protein—32 grams per bag!  Dios mío!  Once your next sugar detox takes effect, and you commit to the carnivore diet, hit up my chicos!  Or hit them up regardless - RF Biltong is tasty for everyone, whether training for a marathon or committing to the couch.  

Heading to Mexico City for Al Pastor tacos, boys!

My first nibble of Mexican street food - on this trip of course!  Mexico is my homeland, mi casa es su casa!

What is biltong?  Take a pequeño note from the crew at Hiking Dude and pilfer a bag for yourself.  It’s South African style of jerky that will make your tastebuds shed tears of joy.  Rich, flavorful, with a pillowy, prosciutto like texture—and perfect for your keto or your whole 30 diet.  You can read our blog about mind-blowing biltong truths once you finish off that bag of Darth Garlic.

Thank you chef Enrique Olvera!

Molina El Pujol, yum yum - see me in the bottom left!  

Now, it’s come to my atención that the festive holiday of Cinco de Mayo is creeping up on us.  You see, somebody told me at CrossFit the other day.  So I say to mi amigo, after reminding him to keep his BMR steady to burn fat and insisting he eat a low carb diet, “Hey señor, did you know that is my favorite holiday?”  It turned out my friend was Nelson ManDilla, another healthy, non plant-based biltong jerky like myself.  And did I ask him to go to Mexico City with me?  I did!  Sidebar: Find all the food critics that love ManDilla and myself here, here, and here.   

Now this is auténtica!

Can you find me in this one?  I'm hiding!  

El Jefe demand that we undertake a secret mission to try every type of street taco we could in Mexico City.  Most gringos wouldn’t know a proper Al Pastor or Suadero if it kicked them like an irritable burro in the face!  My comprehension is there is a secret, Righteous Felon R&D project in the works that required this research.  See some of our finest comida highlights in the photos below.  Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Chicos and chicas, try to find me in more Mexico photos!  Ándale! 

I can practically smell the habaneros on this photo!


Mexico City - the Paris of Central America!

Hmmm ... guess I didn't make it into this one.  What a missed opportunity.  Unless ... wait, what's that in the salsa? 

Comida y bebidas galore!

Nothing like the scent of CDMX street food at 2AM!  One bag of Ancho Villa coming right up!

Xochimilco Canals, what a ride!

Somebody throw me a life-preserver, I can't swim!

Now this is a delicious street taco!

You won't find me posing in this photo, but this perhaps this gives you a ... "subtle hint" of our upcoming Righteous Felon flavor.  Seriously, I'm not in this one.  I AM NOT!  Stop looking!  OR AM I???  

Ancho Villa is the taste of CDMX!

Photo bomb!

Hanky Panky Bar, one of the world's 50 Best!

 FINALLY, someone took a photo of me and Nelson ManDilla together.  At Hanky Panky Bar, one of the world's 50 best!  

Three colorful street tacos.

My favorite meal of the trip!  See you next time.  Adios Righteous amigos!

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