7 Big-Time Articles ... Not to Make Your Start-Up Envious!

7 Big-Time Articles ... Not to Make Your Start-Up Envious!

There’s something happening here / What it is ain’t exactly clear …

For some reason or another, or perhaps (almost certainly) because Righteous Felon makes world’s definitive-best, most delicious, insert-positive-superlative-here jerky, we’ve been gaining a little traction among soulless journalists and listicle-weavers.  Here’s a roundup of our accolades that all we had to do to get was bust a few knee-caps.  

Some of our favorite publications wrote about RF!

The Queen herself donned a little praise for the Righteous Way!  And no, I’m not talking about Silvia of Sweden or Lady Elizabeth!  Here in the humble confines of the greatest country on Earth—America, duh—we have an empress of our own.  What be thy name?  Oprah. 

Among the quotes penned by her majesty herself while receiving a foot-rub in her Marina City Complex Towers home, is this golden nugget:   “This bundle of artisanal jerky in bold flavors like Voodoo Chile is downright irresistible.”  Thanks Big O! 

Give the gift of RF Jerky!   

Those sons-a-guns at Mashed also heaved a heavy helping of flattery upon the Righteous Crew.  I am definitely not paraphrasing here because this is an exact quote that I both cut and pasted:

“Righteous Felon strikes the perfect balance of decent protein without a ton of sugar content.”  At Mashed, we captured their coveted “Best Overall Beef Jerky in 2022” award.  Hey—it’s not braggin’ if it’s true!  

Nothing like a kitchen with OG  Hickory on the table!

It’s no mystery why Good Housekeeping is considered the final authority when it comes to gift-giving.  They called RF Bundles, “The perfect gift for the ultimate beef jerky fan.”  While we think a Whole Shebang Bundle is the perfect gift regardless if you’re a beef jerky fan or not, we’ll take it. 

A box of RF Jerky down on the bayou!

Nabbing the top spot in Southern Living’s “Beef Jerky Brands on Heavy Rotation” was a true honor.  Our staff prob makes up a good percentage of their monthly traffic, so it was only natural they returned the favor at long last.  Says Southern Living“The hilarious names—Truffle-O Bill, Maryland Monroe, and Fowl Capone, to name a few—are accompanied by frame-worthy illustrations.”  And that tidbit came only after lauding our “surprising flavors” and “robust, chewy jerky.”  The pleasure is all ours, bayou brothers! 

Breaking news on someone's phone!

On the other side of the spectrum, Forbes is keeping it very, very real, and by that I mean, primarily interested in the solubility of Righteous Felon as a money-printing entity.  “Pennsylvania-based Righteous Felon maintains its profitability,” they tout in their article heralding the ascension of dried meat snacks.  That’s good to hear!  Otherwise I’d be coming to a dark, cavernous basement bathed in candlelight each day to write these articles while chained to a desk for absolutely nothing.  What a relief!  

The gatekeepers at the Inquirer are keeping us out!

The Philadelphia Inquirer definitely wrote something about RF once upon a time, but unfortunately I can’t quote it because I’ve maxed out my monthly limit of free articles.  Do you have a log-in we can use?  

Philly Skyline with RF Logo

According to Main Line Today our “wide-ranging, preservative-free roster is bound to keep [RF’s] protein-packed cartel on the righteous path.”  Of course, this was written back in 2013, and I can testify we are no longer on a righteous “path” and more upon a righteous “moving sidewalk” or righteous “roundabout” of sorts.    

Professional looking woman reading RF magazine

It’s a nice assembly of articles, and also an assembly we swear wasn’t written by secret plants we had infiltrate each one of the aforementioned publications.  Sure, even if that were the case, (it isn’t) it would still be evidence of the savvy, non-stop lifeblood coursing through the Righteous Felon veins.   

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