Craft Distilleries Cookin' up the Hooch in PA.

Craig Laban of The Philadelphia Inquirer recently published an article on the craft distilling game that's boiling up in the City of Brotherly Love.   Awesome to hear that we'll soon have as many choices of local, small batch spirits as we do for craft beer!  One wild fact the article highlights is number of distilleries in PA today vs. 1920, prior to prohibition.  It's Incredible to think that prior to prohibition, PA was home to over 1,200 distilleries and today there are just 21.  However, there are almost 100 years between those two data points and we're curious to see the trend of this distillery-drop-off over the years.  Did it happen overnight with prohibition or were there other factors that led to this reduction?  Perhaps a shift to beer/wine?  Industry Consolidation?  The collective American Man becoming somewhat of a pussy?  It's questions like these that keep red-blooded righteous felons up at night.  So, we've reached out to the ADI (American Distilling Institute) to gather some statistics on the number of distillers, production volumes, and consumption by year for the last century...or in Layman's terms, 100 years.  Hopefully, this data will reveal the true story that drove this massive reduction in the number of distillers...or as we call them, Fun Makers.  Once we have the data together, we'll update this thread and hopefully, we'll all be able to sleep again at night.  In the mean time, #ShootLocal. 

Prost! Read the full article here. 

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    East Coast Distillers
    Opening in June of 2016 in Tioga Pa. .

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