Righteous Sampler Beef Jerky & Meat Sticks (12-Pack) with craft RF gift bag
Beef Jerky & Meat Sticks Bundle with RF gift bag on red background with holiday decor, "*gift bag included*
"The Meatiest Gift", handing off RF gift bag in front of Christmas tree
Beef Jerky & Meat Sticks on red background with holiday decor
Contents of the Righteous Sampler Beef Jerky & Meat Sticks 12-Pack
"Jerky with Character", OG Hickory spilled on red holiday table
"All Natural Ingredients", RF meat sticks with ingredients on red background
No added antibiotics or hormones, clean ingredients, gluten free (except Bourbon Franklin), high protein, all natural, low sugar, and made in USA

Righteous Sampler Beef Jerky & Meat Sticks (12-Pack)

The Top Seller of 2023 featuring 12 flavors of premium jerky and meat sticks. Free Gift Bag Included and Free Shipping Orders $50+!
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Try our traditional beef jerky flavors + our new meat sticks! At 12 total meat snacks & 20 servings, this jerky sampler is guaranteed to satisfy the stomachs of any traditional-jerky-carnivores!

8 of RF's 2oz Traditional Beef Jerky Flavors
- OG Hickory
- Habanero Escobar
- Bootleggin' BBQ
- Teriyaki Balboa
- Seoul Survivor
- Truffle-O Bill
- Bourbon Franklin
- Maryland Monroe

4 of RF's 1oz Meat Sticks
- O.G. Hickory 100% Beef Stick
- Fiery Habanero 100% Beef Stick
- Street Taco 100% Pork Stick
- Lemon Pepper 100% Turkey Stick

See full nutrition info here!

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