RF Jerky Noah&
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Contents of Noah&
"All Natural Ingredients", RF meat sticks
"Jerky with Character", Maryland Monroe Beef Jerky
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RF Jerky Noah&
No added antibiotics or hormones, clean ingredients, gluten free (except Bourbon Franklin), high protein, all natural, low sugar, and made in USA

Noah's Ark - 2 of Every Jerky & Stick (26-Pack)

The 26 pack holy grail of meat snacks featuring 13+ flavors and pounds of sharing-and-gifting joy. Free Shipping Included!
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The motherload. The heavy weight champ. Double up on all 9 of RF's traditional jerky flavors and 4 sticks. Coming in at 26 total meat snacks (44 total servings), maybe this bundle will actually last ya a full week - you happy now?

18 Jerkys:
- 2x O.G. Hickory Beef Jerky
- 2x Habanero Escobar Beef Jerky
- 2x Bootleggin' BBQ Beef Jerky
- 2x Maryland Monroe Beef Jerky
- 2x Teriyaki Balboa Beef Jerky
- 2x Seoul Survivor Beef Jerky
- 2x Bourbon Franklin Beef Jerky
- 2x Truffle-O Bill Beef Jerky
- 2x Fowl Capone Turkey Jerky

8 Meat Sticks:
- 2x O.G. Hickory Beef Sticks
- 2x Fiery Habanero Beef Sticks
- 2x Street Taco Pork Sticks
- 2x Lemon Pepper Turkey Sticks

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